Friday, February 19, 2010

Steve & Rena | destination wedding Taiwan

My baby brother got married. Finally. The hired photogs were late, so my brother Michael and I filled in and photographed the pre-ceremony stuff. Good thing we brought all our gear...

The family flew halfway around the globe to Taiwan via Tokyo. The kids did really well on their first trans-Pacific flight. Jess was just super excited to be a flower girl. Some 16 hours later we arrived in Kaohsiung, the city where I grew up, where I used to roam as a teenage photographer. It had been so long since we visited. They had put in a whole subway system in the city!

The wedding was held in a mountain resort, the Lalu, overlooking the Sun Moon Lake. The wedding was a traditional American style wedding, with freshest flowers, live string quartet by members of the National Symphony, multi-course French-fusion dinner... and it was wonderful to see friends and family, some of whom also traveled all the way from the States.

Congratulations, Steve and Rena. We're so happy for you! Thanks for giving us an excuse to travel back home to see everyone.

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