Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This Is Now

The studio can be anywhere. Outdoors or in. Here in the Pacific northwest where we spend half of the year in the rain, indoors it tends to be less wet. It can be as simple as a plain wall and a small light, and voila!

Little girl, 4 years later. (Nikon SB-800 speed light with shoot through umbrella. Pocket Wizard. If you must know.)

Brother fell off the monkey bars and injured his wrist. Guess he's not a real monkey after all. (Similar setup) Doesn't seem to bother him very much. Still very active.

Other times we'd set up the backdrop and bring out the big studio strobes. Good for Kung Fu Girl shot. Who says having your picture taken isn't fun? Haaaaaaaaaiiiiiiya!

My approach to photographing children is very much let kids be themselves. There's one rule in the studio. We never say "cheese." A contrived smile does not a good portrait make. We'll play a game, tell a story, say "1, 2, 3, jump!" or play peek-a-boo. Much more genuine expressions this way.

Jump, KFG, jump!

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