Saturday, July 25, 2009

Megan and Ryan

When my friend, award winning photographer Ean Perkins of Studio190 called one Saturday morning with "What are you doing today?" I almost immediately said, "Yes!"

I met Ean one year at the PPO Summer School. When he found out I was going to shoot my first wedding later that year, he graciously invited me to photograph/assist at weddings he was photographing so I could get some practice. How cool is that?

I quickly got ready and headed down to Kaizer, just north of Salem to the afternoon wedding. It was cloudy and a bit breezy too. Fortunately the rain did not come down, and the wedding and reception went smoothly. The wind only blew over two pillars.

Weddings can be stressful for all involved, but it is also one happy occasion where family and friends come to celebrate and give their best wishes to the newlyweds. It doesn't take long to be drawn into the celebration. And having the privilege to document the joyous occassion? Awesome.

Congratulations Megan and Ryan!!


  1. These are great shots! And WOW to the pillars being blown over.

  2. Anya!! How are things in Okinawa??


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