Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Amy and Joe: A Blessed Wedding

The weather was beautiful, as was the setting. Joe arrived early with his parents. Bruce the best man was already waiting. As Joe was getting ready for the big day, he'd look out the window at the lawn as the tables and chairs were being set up. He looked through another window as he explained to me how the four mango mousse cakes were to be assembled. Shortly after that Amy showed up in her favorite red shirt, with matching red dahlias in her hair. It didn't take long for the ladies to get ready. Joe had to stay in his dressing room so that he would not see Amy until she walked down the aisle. When Dad walked Amy down the aisle, I turned around and saw tears of joy in Joe's eyes. One of most moving parts was when the dads, a pastor and an elder, prayed for the bride and groom.

The wedding ceremony was, in a word, blessed.

At the recessional the two literally dashed down the aisle. We had about 30 minutes for bridal portraits so we took a stroll around the grounds. Robinswood House was located adjacent a large park with plenty of greenery. For the first dance the newly-wed couple danced to none other than Michael Jackson. Family and friends joined in the dancing before seeing the couple off.

Congratulations, Amy and Joe! We were honored to document your wedding!!

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  1. Hi Larry! Thanks soooo much to both you and Lin for sharing in our day and taking so many amazing pictures! Every time we look at them, they make us smile, laugh and treasure that special day!


    Amy and Joe


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