Saturday, February 28, 2009

Location scouting: Panda Express

Had the kids all day cuz wifie had to attend a class in Portland. For breakfast I made some blueberry pancakes. Yum. The uncontrollable utterance of "Mmm!" as they took the first bite was a sign of success. Bursting blueberries danced onto the table as we cut into the pancakes.

Lunch at Panda Express was a special treat for all involved. They got to eat food-court quality chow-mein and fried rice that would never pass mama's standards. Plus I got to photograph them as they ate. Our local PE happened to be a great location for portraits in the afternoon. The sun lathered on the parking lot to the south, providing warm, soft reflected light. And the wrap-around windows gave wonderful catch lights in the eyes.

To finish the day with more cheap thrills, we drove to the bank of the Columbia River just north of PDX to watch planes come and go. The wind out of the gorge was rather strong today, so we stayed in the van. Doesn't get much better than this.

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