Thursday, March 26, 2009

Aloft Shoot

On Monday a group of friends got together for a shoot at a local hotel, organized by Kevin and Mark. We had the whole thing planned out, only to find out last minute that the hotel wasn't ready for us. At first it was not clear whether we could even hold the shoot there. It took a few phone calls, some waiting and more waiting, but finally it was a go! Turned out to be a very exciting shoot after all. I got to see my friend Laura, and met a few new friends Darcie, Jenifer, Juli and Matt. Kevin's cousin and her friends, who shall remain nameless, graciously agreed to model for us. We had 4 Nikon shooters and 4 Canon shooters, and shot with on and off camera flashes with various mods, and some with no flash. So much fun! We'll have to get together again to see everyone's pics and compare notes. Thanks Kevin, thanks Mark!

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